Awesome Features

At Code Namaste, Apps that we develop apps that equipped with awesome features and are very Intuitive.

Creative Design

Our Apps encompasses many innovative designs that are engaging and creates a pleasant Impact on the minds of the users.

24 Hours Supports

At Code Namaste, we provide round the clock support, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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We are expert in Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Research, Google Advertising, Real Time Analysis and many more

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Code Namate Features

Code Namaste features are robust and very specific to our client objectives. In the process of understanding our clients exact needs and requirements we tend to develop many innovative solutions that sometimes seems to be larger than life.

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Machine Learning

At Code Namaste, we help to solve complex problems through our Machine Learning Services and of course without much human interventions.

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Easy Registration

Anybody can make a simple process complicated, but we are focused to make process complex processes simple and that is what our services related to Easy Registration is all about.

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E-Commerce services

From NorthPole to SouthPole of the Globe we provide a plethora of e-commerce services. Our ecommerce professionals take pride in providing e-commerce solutions with plenty of innovations.

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Amazing UX

Our Amazing UX helps in creating an everlasting experience that are not only interactive but also engaging and ultimately that helps to achieve our business goals.

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Our AI helps in boosting the speed of the process by increasing accuracy and continuously work without any break. At Code Namaste, we provide AI services that provide a competitive edge to your business globally.

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We offer our ChatBot services to almost all types of industries such as retail, fashion, e-Commerce to just name a few. Leverage your businesses through a smart interaction with your customers


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