Software capable of managing Solar Sales, Installations and Operations & Maintenance

A Platform where solar, EV charging, and renewable companies to centralize data, engage teams, and automate workflows.


Simply put: to increase the efficiency and growth capacity of solar and renewable installation and maintenance businesses. Managing operations is complex and now with the shortage of skilled talent companies need all the help they can get. We simplify and automate operations, so you and your team can focus on fulfilling your mission.


A world of thriving solar and renewable energy businesses offering engaging & fulfilling jobs in all communities. Our vision is to help businesses eliminate frustrating work, run-around and costly inefficiencies. We build technology that helps companies create better businesses and offer rewarding work experiences to their employees and contractors worldwide.

We provide Soultion for :


Main Contractors



Employee Management

Track employee location, attendance, performance, reports, salary and allowances and many more.

Stock Management

Managing the goods your business plans to sell. Involves acquiring, storing, organising & tracking. Stock management also records changes in your inventory over time.

Operations & Maintenance Management

Manage new and existing sites, invoices, quotations, create hazard and required checklists, etc.

Sales & Lead Management

Manage leads, follow ups, create lead schedules, quotations, payment schedules, assign leads, etc.

Budget Management

Budgeting software are applications that enable businesses to plan and manageforward looking projections of business performance.

Client Management

Clients can see the work progess as well as can provide review on the work, so that you can have performance reviews in hand.

Installation Management

Facilitates field installations with an easy-to-use calendar that lets you intelligently schedule work. Organize tasks and jobs and categorize them based on installation type.

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From Sales to Operations & Maintenance......everything.


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A software for Solar sales, Installations & Service Operations

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